Earth day!!

Me and my family ride our bikes or walk to Woolworths instead of using a car most days.

We also use reusable straws, drink bottles and cups.

We also donate our old clothes to the red cross.

We turn of our lights when we leave the room or house but usually use the light from the sun

Air pollution

AirĀ pollution,

Air pollution is caused by cars, and factories and lots of other things. One reason this is bad because it affects the air witch we breath, in and no one wants to breath in and inhale dirty fumes. You wold most likely get more chest issues and would coughing a-lot if it were to get worse.

About me!

Hi my name is Jessica but most people call me Jess.

I am in year 6.

I have two cats one called harry he is a boy and looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. my other catĀ  is called Chloe and she’s a girl.

My favourite animal is a horse my favourite breed is a Camarillo horse, because at my riding school I ride a Camarillo pretty much every time and they are so cute. they are also a good horse to ride because they are easy going.

My other favourite animal is a dog especially border collies and golden retrievers.Ā 

My favourite sport is lacrosse I have been playing for 5 years.

Ā If you have seen the rest of my blog you can probably tell what my favourite colour is ( hint its everywhere) drum role please its YELLOW. But my other favourite colour is blue.

I am an only child, I have no brothers or sisters.

Well thats pretty much all about me and here is a photo of both my cats.


1.Ā  Cambodia is in Asia.

2. Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city.

3. Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere.

4. There are 16.72 million people in Cambodia.

5. The Cambodian language is called Khmer.

6. Cambodian currency is called Riel.

7. A connection Australia has with Cambodia is that Australia mainly imports to Cambodia.

8. An interesting fact about Cambodia is they celebrate new years in April.

9. The countries that border Cambodia is Vietnam are on the western side east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the northwest andĀ  Thailand in the southwest.





We have been learning about making comments on other peopleā€™s blogs.

Number 1.

It was not helpful at all because the spelling was really bad it wasn’t even relevant.

Number 2.

I think that is helpful because they explained why it was helpful and what they were going to experiment with.

Number 3.Ā I don’t really think it’s helpful because it doesn’t have any feedback and you can’t improve from reading that.

Number 4. This is not helpful at all it’s totally irrelevant and the spelling is really bad.

Number 5.Ā I think this is helpful because they tell you what they like and then you can know what’s good to keep writing or adding in your posts.

Number 6.Ā This is not good at all she is being mean to her sister and her spelling and grammar are really bad, it’s also irrelevant.

Number 7.Ā This is bad they don’t say what they like or how you could improve, but at least they have good spelling.

Number 8.Ā Ā It’s not even about the blog it’s so irrelevant and at least they have good grammar and good spelling.Ā 

Snow lake

One stormy night at snow lake there was a familyĀ  mum, dad and a little girl called bell. The firstĀ time Bell heard that they were going to the snow lake cottage she noticed her parents speaking a bit slow and their eyes looked a bit funny but she chose to ignore it and think they were just tired.

At this moment BellĀ was a bit scared because they were on there way to the snow lake and her parents were completely silent the whole way there. Bell was silent to because she didn’t want to disturb her parents because she didn’t want to get in trouble after seeing her parents so tired before they left.

As they arrived at the lake the parents pushed Bell out of the car and drowned her in the lake caused by the parents being possessed as a consequence of the pet dog Lola making a deal with demon but not keeping her end of the deal. After the parents drowned Bell they went in their house and summoned demonĀ  who then killed the parents and the demon was happy because the dog Lola was secretly the demon’s daughter waiting for the right time to pounce the end.Ā